Sunday, February 19, 2012


So my two little cousins told me that they wanted to hang out with me since now that I am working I dont get to spend as much time with them. So on my rare and precious day off I took them out to Boomers for some go karting and mini golfing and then the movies. Then we came home and they watched the motherfucking disney channel/abc family...


1. I dont know how any kid of any age can enjoy the absolute crap tv shows that are on these channels. When I was a kid I was obsessed with watching a hall of fame TV show like the Simpsons. Compare that to the crap that's on today? No comparison! These shows are so bad I dont know or care to know their for the rest of the entry I will refer to them as "steaming piles of shit".

2. Almost every single one of these "steaming piles of shit" features a blonde white 14 year-old with a love interest who is a blond white 14 year-old of the opposite sex. And they always have a friend who is a minority with some kind of accent for comic relief. The kids on these "steaming piles of shit" are always running around trying to bang each other and hook up and making out and pursuing their stupid ass junior high crushes and blah blah blah! I dont know how the hell kids have the BALLS to watch these "steaming piles of shit" in front of their parents. When I was a kid watching TV in front of adults and there was some kind of make out scene or even a chick wearing loose clothing I used to change the channel faster than a closet homo watching gay porn being walked in on...SHIT...I STILL change the channel when any kind of girls or kissing scene comes and my parents are in the room...I cant even watch THE OFFICE in front of my dad without being nervous...and now these kids just watch all this crap without any kind of shame...THE NERVE!!!

3. The particular "steaming pile of shit" I was watching today featured a high school girl with her own radio show. And what was she doing with this powerful propaganda tool? Championing her cause. And what was her cause? Protesting against the school because they confiscated kids' headphones and mp3 players... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Hey disney/ this the kind of message you want to send to kids these days??? If you are wearing your headphones and listening to fucking lady gaga or katey perry (or whatever the fuck these kids listen to nowadays) in the middle of history class NO SHIT they are going to confiscate your ipod touch and dre beats. AND THEY SHOULD! What the fuck do you expect? School is a place for learning. You cant wait until 3PM to listen to your shitty music??? What have we come to as a society when this kind of protesting actually makes sense to people??? And the principal becomes the bad guy for expecting you to learn in school....THIS KIND OF SHIT MAKES ME SICK...and the sad part is that this is actually probably going on in real life in some school in America...sigh...

There are plenty of more reasons why I hate these fucking channels and their "steaming piles of shit" TV shows...but my fucking eyeballs are about to explode with rage if I keep writing about them. My blood pressure is probably over 180/120 right now...I am just going to rub one out to one these blondes from the disney channel and call it a night...

Thanks for reading!
Yours truly,
The King of Nothing


  1. I came across this blog on my newsfeed and enjoyed perusing through the various entries on your blog. I found your writing very frank and honest. Other than the rants, raves and lists posted here, are there other types of writing that you have attempted? Perhaps something directed towards your "dream job"? I would love to see a satire done by The King of Nothing. Looking forward to keeping up with this blog. -Twain

  2. Thank you. This is really my first attempt at writing that I dont have to turn in for a grade or evaluation. There are other types of writing I want to pursue but I want to become more familiar with them first. As I continue to read more and become a better wordsmith I will continue to explore all kinds of writing...appreciate the comment and thanks for the idea!