Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I was in the middle of my dreaded workday, counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until it's time to go home. Then I came upon a customer wearing a shirt with a slogan that encompasses my entire short young work/adult life experience into a perfect slogan:

Let me start off this rant by putting my feelings towards this issue in the most mildest terms possible: "WE HAVE BECOME A SOCIETY FULL OF A BUNCH OF LAZY, IRRESPONSIBLE, DEPENDENT, SPOILED, SELF-ENTITLED, AND EGOTISTICAL MORONS!" (Those were the mildest terms I could form.) This article is not about pharmacy. These feelings are not directed towards a specific group of people, but towards the entire society and people from all walks of life. They are all fucking lazy bums. But regrettably, since I am a pharmacist, most of my adult experiences with strangers in society comes from my workplace. So my examples are about pharmacy. But rest assured, the moron is a strong and influential creature! If a moron is a moron at the pharmacy, most likely he will be a moron everywhere else he goes. So from each pharmacy experience, I will draw a bigger conclusion about society. Let's get started and see how high I can make my blood pressure rise before I burst a capillary. There is a 99% chance that I will develop hemorrhoids after finishing this.

Moronic experience 1:

Remember this guy from your childhood?

I certainly do. That's Cletus from the Simpsons. Imagine if Cletus transformed into a real person. Such a creature walked up to the pharmacy one day while I was opening. From looking at him, you could clearly tell that just the fact that he was awake and out and about at 9AM was an accomplishment for him. Without any sort of greeting, he hands me an empty medicine vial from Costco and asks me to fill his medication. So I asked him if he wanted to transfer the prescription from Costco. "What do you mean transfer? You mean you can't just fill this?" [NO YOU MORON! I CANT JUST FILL IT!] So I politely told him that if his prescription is at Costco, then I have to call them and transfer it. And in order for me to do that, I have to have certain information such as their phone number, his prescription number and date of birth, and he needs to fill out a patient profile form since he has never filled a prescription at my chain before. "Why do I have to do all that? I already have a prescription at Costco!" I understand that not everyone knows all the ins and outs of how a pharmacy works but C'MON! Can you order a DVD player online from Best Buy and then walk into a WalMart and say "Hey I bought a DVD player from Best Buy. Can I pick it up here?" OF COURSE NOT!!!

This kind of ignorance is way too prevalent in our society today. It is not just in pharmacy or the retail world. Ignorance such as this reigns supreme in politics (See this), entertainment (See this), and everywhere else you turn your head. IT IS SCARY HOW IGNORANT PEOPLE ARE ABOUT THE BASICS OF HOW THINGS RUN IN SOCIETY! And here is the thing about ignorance: IT BREEDS! When the parents are stupid, how do you think the kid will turn out? And I don't want to hear some bullshit about how these people come from low opportunity areas or how they have never been given a chance or education so how would they know how the world works? I know self-made MILLIONAIRES who haven't passed the fifth grade. They read at a second grade level and can barely write their own names in English. But you know what? They work their ass off and are not afraid to use their brain to figure out how the world works. The only thing scarier than this jackass's stupidity was the fact that he walked in with two kids.

Moronic experience 2:

The following process is the basic summary of how a pharmacy works:
1. A patient feels sick and sees the doctor. After the proper examination the doctor decides to prescribe a medication to the patient.
2A. The doctor either decides to write a prescription and hands it to the patient to bring to the pharmacy.
2B. OR the doctor's office can phone/fax/e-prescribe the prescription straight to the pharmacy.
3. The patient comes to the pharmacy and picks up the medication when it is ready.

This is a very simple and logical process that has been used for many many years. It makes sense. So why are morons trying to complicate this? On more than one occasion I have received a phone call from a patient telling me the following: "My doctor wants to prescribe me some medication but they want me to tell you to call them and get the prescription." THAT IS NOT HOW THIS IS FUCKING SUPPOSED TO WORK! If your doctor wants to call in a medication why don't they just fucking call us and tell us? Why tell you to tell us to call them? I DON'T FUCKING HAVE TIME TO CALL YOUR LAZY FUCK OF A DOCTOR EACH TIME HE DECIDES TO FUCKING PUMP YOUR BODY WITH CHEMICALS!

There are 3 moronic characteristics are play here:
1. Lazyness on the part of the patient wanting to call and have everything ready before they have to make the long tough journey to the pharmacy so all they have to do is come and pick up the medication
2. Lazyness on the part of the doctor who cannot pick up the fucking phone and call in the medication like a normal fucking person
3. Ego on the part of the doctor who is too fucking full of himself/herself to pick up the phone and call and instead prefers others to be the one calling him/her

The number of patients the average doctor's office sees everyday is in the double digits (##). The number of patients visiting an average pharmacy on a daily basis is in the triple digits (###!). Is a visit to the doctor's the same as the pharmacy? Of course not. But still! The pharmacy is understaffed. The doctor's office is not. The doctor's office has the advantage of having the appointment system. The pharmacy does not. There is no chaos at the doctor's office. There is nothing but chaos at the pharmacy. The doctor can decide how many patients he wants to see, when, and for how long. The pharmacist does not have control over any of those factors. The pharmacy is exponentially busier than the doctor's office! So you know what MD? GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND PICK UP THE PHONE OR WRITE A FUCKING PRESCRIPTION!

This is a perfect example of how everyone in today's society wants to do less and less work. Everyone wants shit to be done for them. We have become a bunch of spoiled fucking brats! Stop trying to always take the easy way out and take responsibility for your own shit! All of these government programs that people have become dependent on are a perfect example. When shit goes wrong people expect the government to pick up the slack. Fuck that shit! Work harder. If you lose your job, find another! If you can't, then get a lower paying job and work more hours! If you can't raise your kids because you work too hard, then sleep lesser number of hours! Figure out a way! Stop fucking being lazy and making excuses and expecting others to take care of your shit!

Moronic Experience 3:

This experience is another example of how everyone wants shit to be handed to them on a silver platter. It is your medicine! Take responsibility for it! On more than one occasion idiots have come up to the pharmacy with a prescription and without their insurance card expecting us to magically figure out their insurance information. Then they expect us to call their fucking insurance company in the middle of the chaotic busy fuckfest of a workday and get their ID number and all the other insurance billing information.

Try going to Walmart and buying a bunch of shit with no credit card. Then when they ask you for your credit card just give them your name, SSN, and DOB and tell them to call Discover and get your credit card number. How moronic does that sound? I can understand if a patient lost their insurance card or if it is an emergency situation. BUT I DON'T FUCKING HAVE TIME TO LOOK UP YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY AND CALL THEM SO YOU CAN FILL YOUR FUCKING CRAZY PILLS YOU FORGETFUL PIECE OF SHIT! JUST DON'T FORGET YOUR INSURANCE CARD! YOU WANT ME TO WIPE YOUR ASS FOR YOU TOO??? I HOPE YOU DIE OF WHATEVER IT IS THEY ARE TREATING YOU FOR ASSHOLE!!!

I have ZERO sympathy for these people. It is one thing to be forgetful. I understand that. Shit happens. We are human and humans sometimes forget. But after you forget don't expect others to clean up your shit. If you forget, go back home and get it. People casually brush off their forgetfulness because they expect to get by, and it has to fucking stop! Take some fucking responsibility for your shit and claim your mistakes and don't expect others to clean up after them!

Moronic Experience 4:

One thing I cannot standing working in a pharmacy is watching parents come in with a prescription for antibiotics for their kid and the prescription is dated more than a week old. So let me get this straight. Your kid is coughing up a fucking lung and you waited a week to trot your ass to the pharmacy and get their medication? And not only that, but these people want the medication within ten fucking minutes! Your kid has been fucking sick for a week! Thirty more minutes is not going to make a fucking difference!

How are people like this allowed to have kids? What does it say about society when young minds are looking up to these monkeys as "responsible adults"? I don't care how many jobs you work or how many fucking kids you have or if you are a single parent or not. Nobody and I mean no-fucking-body is that busy where their kids should wait more than a day to get their antibiotics. And if you do wait a week, don't fucking complain when the pharmacy makes you wait thirty or forty minutes. I had a bitch come in once with her four kids wanting to refill all of their inhalers. She didn't even know the names of the medications they needed! How out of touch have today's parents become????? She was asking the 6 year old what his 4 year old sister used! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS??? 

What the hell has parenting become in today's society? I don't even want to imagine what it will become in the future. Maybe I shouldn't say the following but when has that ever stopped me? Maybe, just maybe, it might be better off for the kid to stay sick and die. At least it would eliminate the fucking moronic genes of their parents from passing on. It is a sacrifice we should consider making as a society.

Moronic Experience 5:

It is fitting that I am writing this one last. You know why? BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT THE LATE COMER! If the pharmacy closes let's say at 8PM and you walk in at 7:58PM with a stack of prescriptions expecting them to be ready for you that day--FORGET ABOUT IT! You better drop that shit off and expect to come back tomorrow morning to pick up the medications! We are not fucking robots back here. We have families and lives outside of work and we want to go home too--especially after a 12 hour shift! So you know what? I don't give a fuck that you don't want to make a second trip. If it's not an emergency situation, your shit is going to have to wait. It doesn't fucking matter if you start your fucking Prozac today or tomorrow. It's not going to make a difference! People act like making a second trip to the pharmacy is like some fucking arduous journey. IT'S NOT LOCATED ON MT. EVEREST! It is not going to kill you if you drive 5-20 minutes again tomorrow! But it is going to kill me if I have to spend another fucking 15 minutes getting your shit ready after I have been here for a chaotic 12 hours!

This goes back to the whole silver platter/no responsibility/no consequences thing again. People don't care about being on time any more. And if they are late, they think it will be ok. They expect people to put up with this kind of shit and do them favors when they don't have an ounce of fucking responsibility for their own life! If you don't care about your shit then why should I?

I didn't want this article to be all about pharmacy. Maybe the actual words in here were about pharmacy, but the ideas apply to entire society. The pharmacy world really is a microcosm of the whole world in general. Society has become way too lazy, irresponsible, self-entitled and spoiled! People expect others to do them favors without thinking of the consequences of their own actions. It is sad. Whether you believe we evolved from monkeys or not, we certainly are turning into them. The once great and noble concepts of logical thinking, self-responsibility, awareness of others, parenthood, and humility are all being forgotten. People expect everyone else to say to them, "LET ME DROP EVERYTHING AND WORK ON YOUR PROBLEM! Well you know what I say to that? FUCK THAT! So if you guys hear anything about me getting fired or sued in the future, you'll know why...

Thanks for reading!
Yours truly,
The King of Nothing

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  1. Haha I laughed at every single one of them. I just had a Mount Everest experience half an hour ago. I love how you know the possibility of getting fired. ahha

    1. thank you. it's not just a possibility, i fully expect it. why do you think i am starting this blog? hopefully it will take off some day and ill have a back up career. haha

  2. For startes, you can be a comedian or a writer. I am sure you'd be successful at most stuff in life.

    What I don't understand is why is there no backlash in a retail setting despite the pharmacists' being so unsatisfied? I mean i understand the increased number of graduates and decreased number of revenue for Non-CVS/Walgreens chains, but someone has to do something or this field is going to keep coming down. When I asked my unhappy cvs/wall-greens employees why they wouldn't backlash or complain if they were so unsatisfied and not getting help from higher ups, they'd tell me they don't know how to do that without losing their job and are afraid they'll replace them right away or they're happy with "the dough" or "it's just the way it is". I mean, ARE YOU SERIOUS? You went to school for 8 years and don't know how to communicate with your bosses that you are unhappy in a proper manner?

    Ps: me and ravi expect you to be in NY to get mamouns very soon.

  3. thanks man.

    i dont think its that they dont know how to communicate with your bosses. its just a numbers game. pharmacy is just not that profitable if you dont rely on volume. there is just not enough money to make the changes people want and the only way to make money is to stress volume which makes it busier and employee satisfaction go down. it's just the nature of the business. at the end of the day, the pay is very good as it should be. if i was a tech though, i wouldnt be very happy with my job at all. at least with the company that i work for. but the permanent techs usually come from low income backgrounds with very little education anyways so even if they find another job its gonna be a low paying hard or high stress job either way. at least they get paid more than if they were a cashier or waiter or something. at the end of the day the satisfaction in the field is not that low.