Saturday, February 18, 2012


Some kids dream of being astronauts, others fireman, pilots, cops, athletes... I always wanted to be some kind of writer. It was always a vague idea...not really knowing what kind of writing. I wanted to be a wise creative dude who wrote tv shows, movies, books, essays, and articles. I dreamed of being someone who people always went to when they knew exactly what they wanted to say, but couldnt put it in writing. I wanted to be the one who wrote the president's speeches, the script for the Oscar's host, and the slogan behind the world's best-selling products.

And what the hell am I doing now?

If you know me, you know that I am a pharmacist. But if you REALLY know me, you know that I kind of HATE that shit. Dont get me wrong. I show up at work with a smile on my face and enjoy the paycheck. But I would much rather be doing other stuff.

So why the dramatic aversion from the dream path? One simple explanation...I AM INDIAN!!!!

But as the wise have said, better late than never (not always true by the way). So I am starting a blog. I dont know if starting a blog nowadays is the cool and hip thing to do or if it is played out and old. But I dont give a fuck! I need a starting point to kick off my writing dream. I dont know what kind of writing form I want to pursue or what kind of writer I want to be. But one thing is for certain... I need/want to start following my dream of writing so here is my launching pad...

I hope you all enjoy this blog. I will try to write whatever is on my mind. Whether it is ranting about stupid shit, work related crap, or making lists, I want to start off by writing about all sorts of random stuff. Also, your comments/critique/criticisms/opinions/feedback is all welcome!!!

Thanks for reading!
Yours truly,
The King of Nothing

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